Sunday, February 21, 2010


It seems this is the time of the year that a lot of people start getting tired of winter and longing for the warm temperatures of summer. Ironically, it seems the people that complain most are the ones that spend the least time outdoors. The weather here in Colorado Springs has been overcast with snow on and off since Thursday with the forecast calling for more of the same through Tuesday. I love winter. As well as spring, summer, and fall. I love watching my body & mind adapt to each season. I’ve been running or riding competitively for almost 40 years now. I have lived in Ohio, Kentucky, Germany and Colorado among other places and all have four seasons. Getting out in the brisk mornings of winter with fresh snow just lets you know you’re alive. And as the winter goes on, your body adapts and what was cold in early Fall, just doesn’t seem so cold any more. I rode to work this week in single digit temperatures. It seemed brisk at the most. When I rode to work in single digit temperatures in November it seemed down right cold. I find this interesting that we as humans have an amazing ability to adapt . We just need to go out and do it. Right now in February, a four hour run or six hour ride in 90 degrees would be undoable. In July, a piece of cake. I think if people spend more time outdoors, winter would not seem so bad. If you’re indoors all the time, you never adapt, and you freeze your butt just waiting for your car to warm-up. Another ironic observation I have, is it’s usually the same people that complain about winter that complain about how hot it is in the summer as they crank up their air conditioners. Each season is special, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Get outside, run, ride, ski, walk, hike, swim, play, and enjoy them all!

As far as this week’s training, what a difference a week makes. The recovery last week worked miracles. All week long I felt like a new man. On Monday I did a strength workout with Roswitha and felt very strong. Maybe I was just showing off for Roswitha, but I was putting up some weight. Tuesday morning’s run, I felt fast and strong and likewise on my tempo ride in the evening. I actually had to hold myself back on the tempo ride to keep my heart rate in the right range, as my body wanted to go harder. On CRUD’s Thursday morning hill climb, a four mile climb up Cheyenne Canyon to the top of High Drive, I bettered my best time this year by two full minutes. Saturday, I had a great 21 mile run in fresh snow, despite not getting to bed until 1:00 AM after going to an Alice in Chains concert in Denver the night before. Finally on Sunday, an incredible bike workout on the trainer, close to four hours rotating big gear, high wattage intervals with low gear high rpm pedaling (120+ rpms) intervals. A good solid week! Ahh, I just noticed it's snowing. I think I'll go for a walk!

About 5 miles into Sat Run Max Finds a ball

And for the next 15 miles we played catch

Come on throw the ball!

Well if your not going to throw it, I'll come get it!
Mon: PM: Strength Workout
Tues: AM : Run 1.6 hrs (10 * 15 sec stride outs & 40 min tempo) PM: Bike 2 hrs (Ride home w/ 40 min tempo)
Wed: AM: Bike 1.2 hrs (Ride work) PM: Run 1 hr (trail run)
Thurs: AM: Run 1.1 hrs (CRUD Hill Climb) PM: Bike 1.4 hrs (Ride home)
Fri: AM: Bike 1.2 hrs (Ride Work)
Sat: AM: Run 3.3 hrs
Sun: AM: Bike 3.8 hrs (Trainer, Big gear Low RPM/Low gear high RPM intervals)


  1. Hey, I'm outside all the time, and nobody complains about winter weather more than me. Winter sucks ass!

  2. JT - You have to admit, it makes you appreciate Summer more. By the way, I took a que from you and RAN home from work this evening.