Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Work

This was my last week of being unemployed and the weather was great so I took full advantage of it. Without the time and stress of having to look for a job I was able to do some good riding, running, and household chores this week. Tomorrow (Monday) is back to work and I'm pretty excited about it. But this also means going back to getting up at 4:30 to workout, riding home in the dark and forgetting what day light looks like except on weekends. I was really getting used to getting a full nights sleep! It was amazing to sleep in till 6:30/7:00, run during sunrise, and witness the changing of colors throughout October. Although I haven't committed to doing the Leadman again, this week certainly looked like a Leadville training week. Especially the weekend; a superb long run in the mountains on Saturday followed by hard long mountain bike ride on Sunday.

Nov 1
AM: Recovery run, Hank’s Loop. 0.5 hrs, 3.2 miles, strength workout

The peak looked nice with fresh snow this morning.

Nov 2
AM: Middle Distance run, Santa Fe Trail, 1.7 hrs, 12.4 miles
Felt really good this morning. Temps a little brisk starting out. This was one of those runs that reminds me how much I love running. Everything flowed and just felt fluid. The weather was great too.
PM: Bike Ride, Santa Fe Trail, 2.3 hrs, 29 miles
Took a nice spin to the South part of town to visit an old working buddy at his new job at the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Very impressive place. Had a nice tail wind going down, tough head wind coming back.

 6 Mile Turn-around Point
Headin Home Santa Fe Trail
Drink Break!

AM: Aerobic run with Intervals 7 * 400, 5 * 100, Eagle View Track, 1.3 hrs, 8.7 miles, Strength Workout
My plan this morning was an easy run around the neighborhood, hit the Eagle View Middle School Track for 10 * 100 meter stride outs then run home. I was really feeling good and the hamstrings weren't anywhere near as sore as last week. After the 5th stride out Ingrid Hibbits a mother of two and competitive tri-athlete, asked if I would join her in 400 meter intervals. So we did 7 * 400 meters in about 1:40 – 1:43 each (about 6:40 mile pace) with 200 meter recovery. She kicked my butt, but it felt good! Ran home and added a nice intense strength workout.
PM: Road Ride, 2.5 hrs, 35 miles
Accepted an job off today, so I looked for a safe bike commuting route to my new place of employment. Took it pretty easy and I think I found a good route. Looks like about a 34 mile round trip. I think I’m gonna get my old Schwinn frame and build it into a single speed, which would make a good winter commuting bike.
Ingrid Cranking Out 400s
AM: Middle Distance run, Santa Fe Trail, 1.4 hrs, 10.3 miles
Ouch! I definitely felt those 400s from yesterday. Was pretty tired and stiff right from the beginning. Kept it easy and focused on being smooth the whole run. After about 8 miles my left hamstring started getting pretty tight. Just focused on running relaxed, enjoying the great scenery of Colorado, and at one point I started imagining that I was an ancient Greek messenger running forever to deliver an important message. Weird I know, but it helps.
PM: Road Ride, 2 hrs, 31 miles
Nice cruise with Grant east side of town.

AM: Recovery run, Rockrimmon/Delmonico Loop, 0.7 hrs, 4.4 miles, Strength Workout
Very easy pace. Got up early and ran in the dark, so stuck to the streets today. Finished just as the sun was rising. Gonna be another beautiful day in paradise! I got start getting used to getting up early again. I start my new job Monday!

AM: CRUD run, Cheyenne Canyon <-> Cheyenne Mtn Lodge ruins, then 6 mile loop home <-> Santa Fe Trail, 3.3 hrs, 16 miles
A nice little adventure with CRUD up to the ruins of the Cheyenne Mtn Lodge. First time I was ever there, very cool! 5 miles straight up and 5 miles straight down. Trail was rough, going was slow (1.5 hours to do the first 5 miles) Great run/hike! Once finished, dropped Max off at home and went for another 6 miles. I posted a more detailed description of the run is on my previous post.

View of Mountain we ran Yesterday
AM: MTB Ride Home, Ute Park, Stratton Open Space, Chutes, Columbine, Cap’n Jacks, Zipline, Redrocks, Garden of the Gods, Flying W, Home, 5.4 hrs, 44 miles, 4,780 ft climbing
Great ride today. Played around in Ute Park then headed for Cheyenne Canyon to meet up with Grant & Dave for about 2 ½ hours then headed home via Red Rocks & Garden of the Gods. Another beautiful day. Kind of felt like Leadman training with the long run and long ride back to back this weekend.

Dave climbing a switchback
Grant is all smiles

Week Summary: Bike: 12.2 hrs, 139 miles Run 8.9 hrs 55 miles

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