Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Finish Line

Just as the last 6 miles of a marathon or the last 20 miles of a 100 mile run can get very tough psychologically, the final weeks of this adventure tested me to the limit.  If it wasn’t for incredible friends like Steve Bremner and Kevin Cahn, my amazing doctor; Dr. Pinto, my boss, and of course the angel of my life, Roswitha, I may not have made it. I definitely entered the gates of Hell, and they came and rescued me.

A few minutes ago, I gave myself the 24th and last interferon injection. I’ve crossed the finish line. Of course I’ll be sicker than a dog over the next couple days, but the last injection has been administered. I’ve made it, or I should say we’ve made it, as this was a long hard journey for Roswitha too. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough who helped get us through this and/or offered words of support. Roswitha is an absolute unbelievable angel. She was steady as a rock and somehow never faltered. She was and is my rock. I love her so much.

My Angel

It’s been a tough but educational 6 months. This blog was origianlly intended to explore and share what it is like to participate in and accomplish ultra endurance events, to demonstrate how we can go beyond our perceived limits and have fun doing it! Although this was not what I had in mind when documenting these adventures, it was certainly an ultra endurance event!  I can only hope that this blog will somehow help or inspire others going through similar situations. I do need to warn anyone on serious drug treatment though that the perceived limitations, both mentally and physically, are real in most cases. I pushed the limits a couple times and paid a price. Luckily nothing permanent. My advice is to just focus on getting better. Don't worry about anything else. Just get better.

Looking forward to hooking up with CRUD next weekend as well doing my first mountain bike ride since December!

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  1. Congratulations, Larry! I'm really glad to hear that you've made it to the end! It's been unbelievably difficult i'm sure. Now, recover!