Sunday, November 17, 2013

Running and Riding for the Sheer Joy of it.

Throughout most of my life I have always done everything with a goal in mind. In order to train hard I usually need a race or series or event for motivation. One of the things I love about the fall season is that racing is over and riding and running doesn’t really have a purpose other than doing it for the sheer joy of doing it.

Yesterday while running with Max in Ute Park I couldn’t help but feel appreciation for everything, especially the pleasure of just being in an incredible place running with my best friend. I appreciate running in Ute Park even more since it came so close to being developed. Thanks to Friends ofUte Valley Park, tons of fund raising, and people getting involved we were able to keep this amazing place as it is.
Max at Ute Valley Park

Today I spent close to 5 hours riding trails ranging from fast fun single track to very technical rocks without ever leaving the city limits. Ute Park, Pulpit Rock, Palmer Park; it’s incredible what we can ride right in our “back yard”. This was one of those special days, riding with friends on great trails with great scenery and everything seemed to just flow. Like so often when we get on these kind of rides, we’re kids again out riding out bikes.
The "boys" Palmer Park

Jeff at Palmer Park

An awesome Sunday Morning!

Earlier this week I went up the Incline with Max, and again, had nothing but appreciation for our life here. Max loved it, I loved it, and it was just a great way to start off the morning. The Incline is an old abandoned cog railway that rises over 2,000 feet in less than a mile. Way better than a stair stepper at the gym. It’s been a while since I been up the Incline and the work that “Incline Friends” has done definitely shows.
Let's go dad Catch up!

Best Friends at the top of the Incline

So I’m not sure what the point of by blabbering is. I would just like to encourage everyone to get outside, take a walk, a run, a bike ride or whatever and just appreciate this incredible planet we live on.

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