Sunday, November 23, 2014

Count Down to Burning River 100 – Week 36

As I mentioned last week I committed to running the Burning River 100 with the goal of having Ben, a young man who has been bravely battling cancer the last two years, run the last mile with me. With that, his mother and I have decided to raise money for a non-profit of Ben’s choice that will help kids and their families that are going through this ordeal. It’s not a pleasant subject but one we are going confront head on throughout this adventure. I've seen some videos of the hospital staff and how they dedicate their lives every day to helping these kids and making what they are going through just a little easier. They are true heroes; more on this and the non-profit in a later post.
Max Patiently Waiting for me to Catch Up

So the countdown has begun as far as training, week 36 in the books with 35 to go.  I am actually using now through February as a time to prepare for training and not really specifically training for the BR 100. So the mileage appears quite low for someone training to run 100 miles! But I feel:

1)      I need to work up to the big miles
2)      Mega mileage all year long is not sustainable.

 I’m also spending time working on core strength which is essential for helping the body hold out for hours and hours of running. That will also be covered in another post. So my philosophy is to work on overall fitness to include cycling, strength training, and running over the next couple months then start getting more event specific starting in February – about 6 months from the start. The strategy is to not get injured. One has to get to the starting line to have any chance of finishing!

First Footprints in the Snow this Morning!

So with that said my first official week of preparing for BR 100 went well. Very early morning runs Tues – Thurs, commute to work by bicycle every day, and good core workouts at the gym. A good mix and a good start! 

Training Week 36 Burning River

Mon: AM - Ride to Work ~ 8 Miles
          PM - Rid Home from Work ~ 8 Miles
Tues: AM - Morning Run  7 Miles, Ride to Work ~ 8 Miles
          PM - Ride Home from Work ~8 Miles
Wed: AM - Morning Run 5.3 Miles, Ride to Work ~ 8 Miles
          PM - Ride from Work to Gym ~9 Miles, Strength Workout
Thu: AM - Morning Run 9 Miles, Ride to Work ~8 Miles
         PM - Ride Home from Work ~8 Miles
Mon: AM - Ride to Work ~ 8 Miles
          PM - Rid Home from Work ~ 8 Miles
Sat: AM - Morning Trail Run - 13 Miles, Strength Workout
Sun: AM - Morning Trail Run - 7 Miles, Bike Indoor Trainer Ride 23 Miles

Run 41.4 Miles, Bike 102 Miles

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