Sunday, January 11, 2015

Burning River for Ben: Week 29 - Icy conditions!

We are under 30 weeks now until the Burning River 100. Wow the weeks are going by fast! But when your a kid going through chemo I can only imagine that time goes incredibly slow; especially when treatment lasting 2+ years – if you survive. Running a 100 miles will be a piece of cake compared to what these kids endure. 

As I’ve stated before we (Jeff Mulder, Matt Larsen, and myself) are going to travel from Colorado to Cleveland/Akron Ohio to run the Burning River 100. This will be Jeff’s first 100 mile run and he is so motivated by this cause. In the beginning our goal was for me to run the Burning River 100 with Ben, who is going on 2 ½ years of treatment, running the last mile with me. One thing led to another and we’ve decided to raise money for the awesome clinic that cares for these kids. Jeff and Matt joined the cause. Matt is a veteran 100 mile runner who has completed the Leadville Trail 100, among the toughest 100 mile races in the country. We are still working out the details to set up a donation site and will hopefully have it up soon.

The more I learn about Ben’s journey, the amazing staff, and amazing people that have been involved with his journey, the more I am humbled by the kindness and love. That's why real life is so much better than watching it on a screen. If one's experience of the world is through the news media this kind of love and support doesn't exist. Throughout this whole ordeal Ben and his mother have been ever so positive and inspiring. She talks only of the  awesomeness of her neighbors, school, hospital staff, doctor, friends, doggy brigade and so many others that dedicate their lives and time to helping these kids and family through a very rough time. We have created a Facebook page with the intention to inspire, help & encourage others who are facing the crisis of Childhood cancers.

Ben’s journey has been incredible, going from being so sick from the chemo he couldn’t even pet a dog from the doggy brigade to running, cycling, and cross fit. 

There were times when Ben was too sick to even sit up in bed. Even to pet one of the wonderful dogs from the Doggie Brigade he LOVED so much was a big deal for him... So, since he couldn’t reach down to pet them, they would just hop on his bed to greet him!

Look at Ben now - 2+ years later still receiving chemo treatments and working out at CrossFit Cadre in Hudson, Ohio, with incredible people who really care.

Ben with Allen of CrossFit Cadre

Since Ben was on such high doses of chemo, certain ones such as vincristine can cause side effects. Ben had developed a condition called “drop foot” or neuropothy... It can be pretty painful and cause your feet to drag, prohibiting your foot to flex, bend/rotate. Anyway, Ben had started Physical therapy to work on this... but needed something more, something more consistent. Being in bed for a year, Ben was so determined to “beat” this and get the braces off and develop full range of motion with walking.... So, meet Allen, one of the trainers at CrossFit. Allen was/is phenomenal. Took Ben in another area of the gym and started working with him. One on one instruction, helping him regain his strength and mobility. Encouraging, helping, supporting Ben along the way. Truely inspirational!

As far as training, things are going very well. I’m really happy how I’m feeling, the energy level, and how my joints are feeling. This week had some interesting days as we had some very icy days; the type where people are falling going to and from their cars. This required special equipment and I was prepared. Studded tires are awesome. I rode to and from work on icy roads and bike paths while everyone else was complaining how they couldn’t drive or even walk to their cars. Another tool I used for running was YacTrax, basically snow/ice chains for shoes. They work awesome and I could run in the most slick conditions without a trace of slippage.

Studded Tires - The Bomb!

And These are Perfect for Running on Ice

This Week’s Training:

·         PM: Ride Home from Work (7.1 Miles)
·         AM: Run (10.3 Miles), Ride to Work (8.5 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home from Work (7.5 Miles)
·         AM: Run (6.2 Miles), Ride to Work (8.5 Miles)
·         PM: Ride from Work to Gym (10.5 Miles), Strength Training
·         AM: Run (10.4 miles), Ride to Work (5.2 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home from Work (7.5 Miles)
·         AM: Ride to Work (8.5 Miles)
·         AM: Run (18.4 Miles), Road Bike Ride (26 Miles)
·         PM: Gym Workout
·         AM: run (10.2 Miles), Road Bike Ride (36 Miles)

Total: 181 Miles (Bike 125, Run 56)

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