Sunday, June 28, 2015

Back in the Mix

Top of one of the climbs during a 6+ hour ride in temps up to 96 degrees
What an incredible two weeks since my last post! As reported last time, Dr. Randy Knoche has yet again performed a miracle and has me back into full training in only three weeks from what is normally a six week injury. Just to be sure I had an MRI done and all tendonitis is gone. Without fail Dr. Knoche has fixed me every time I’ve been broke…and without drugs!

So during my down time I did everything I could to not lose fitness and to keep both the cardiovascular system going as well as start acclimating to the what is sure to be a hot and humid 100 miles. Long 6 – 8 hour bike rides in 90+ degree heat; during the week of June 15th I rode almost 300 miles. I also incorporated walking; up to 12 miles and even walked back and forth to work. Although all this helped me stay in shape during those three weeks, it is not the same as running. This week, with the green light, I got in over 80 miles of running in addition to walking and biking. This weekend was a great test with a run just under 40 miles on Saturday and just over 21 miles on Sunday; both runs in 80+ degrees Fahrenheit. And the foot feels fine!

So we’re back on track, we’ve got our flight tickets, logistics are lining up, and “Burning River for Ben” is going to happen. Now we need to get the fund raising rolling. We are at little over $1250 and our goal is to raise $10,000. This all goes to help families with the incredible amount of expenses that are not covered by insurance. These expenses range from a plethora of unexpected costs such as meal tickets for families during extended hospital stays, parking, lodging, and the list goes on. $10,000 can help a LOT of families.With that said I think it might be time for Ohioans to start stepping up. I am pretty sure that of the money raised so far, over half of it has been donated from my Colorado friends. So let’s go Ohio; let’s step it up! :-)  Actually I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting and helping these kids. I’m sure many of you are waiting to see how the race unfolds and that is awesome. We’re down to less than four weeks. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’ll be the first to say the running 100 miles is no picnic.

 Thanks again for reading and supporting the kids and families that have to endure such a horrific disease. 

With all the rain the trail is totally overgrown!
Yes this is the trail!

With the Heat I drop Max off after a few miles before going out for the death march

After nearly 40 miles on Sat and over 21 miles on Sunday in 80+ Temps, I'm done. 

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