Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Matter of Gratefulness - Heading to the Start

As I make final preparation for this incredible adventure, I can’t help but reflect on all the people and experiences that helped get me here. There are so many people and mentors to thank, pages could not list them all. The team at ProCycling Bike Shop has been phenomenal at helping me prepare for this. They’ve help research equipment, place orders, experiment with set-ups with the passion and enthusiasm as if they were riding the Divide themselves. It is really amazing to have a team like Brian, Randall, and Brian supporting me every step of the way.

Brian, Randall, & Brian Worked Tirelessly to produce this awesome set-up
My employer, Plus3 IT Systems, has also been incredibly enthusiastic in their support. I truly would not be going to the start line Friday without their encouragement and backing. And especially their support for Children’s National. Again, I am so grateful at how much we’ve raised so far for these kids and their families; and the race hasn’t even started. 

There is an incredibly long list of individuals that have been inspirations, encouraging, and just out right helpful in getting me to the starting line. When I first decided to do the Tour Divide Race, the first person I contacted was Nick Thelen, an experienced bike packing racer. Nick didn’t hesitate to invite me over, had all his equipment laid out in his living room, a packing list with links for more information, and enough encouragement and enthusiasm to fill the whole house. Travis Eckenberg of SRM Power Meters helped me sell all my old bike parts, which paid for a lot of equipment and he led the way on our Kokopelli Adventure. And the list goes on. But most of all, my wife of 39 years, Roswitha, has been supportive from the beginning. She’s been handling the household chores, pets, crisis, and everything else life threw at us while I spent every free moment training.

So now I’m heading to Banff to take on the biggest adventure of my life. In many ways it seems surreal, like I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. It’s a lifelong dream, that in some ways, I’ve been training for all my life. But that’s another story. And now it’s time to, as one of the greatest philosophers of all time says “Git er Done!”

The race can be followed live at http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide18

And just in case you were wondering what one would take on such an adventure, below is my packing list. I'm probably over equipped, but I guess that's typical of "newbies". It will all shake out along the way.

All this Stuff
Packing List

Revelate Salty Roll
Bevy Sack
Air Mattress
Puffy Down Jacket
Rain Pants

Revelate Front Pocket
Sunglasses with clear lenses
Pen & Notebook 
Dehydrated Meals

Revelate Feed Bags
Hammer Gel Jug
Energy Bars
Bear Spray

Revelate Gas Tank
Energy Bars

Revelate Jerry Can
Chain Lube

Revelate Seat Bag
Sleeping Bag
Waterproof Socks
Spare shorts
Long Sleeve thermal shirt
Extra socks (wool)
Butt Kit
* Chamois Butter
* Baby Wipes
* A&D Ointment
Freeze Dried Camp Food (3 day supply)
Rear Blink Light
Spare Tie down straps
Spare Charging Battery with Charger

Water bladder
Water Filter
Rain Jacket
Waterproof/winter gloves
Wool Glove Liners
Cycling gloves
Satellite Spot Tracker
Sun Sleeves

Frame Bag
Tool Kit
* Rear derailleur pulleys
* Rear derailleur hanger
* Brake Pads
* Multi Tool
* CO2 w/3 x cartridges
* Cleaning Brush
* Cleaning Rag
* Chain Lube (Squirt)
* Patch Kit
* Spare tubes x 2
* Tire Boot
* Spare Chain Links
* Spare pedal Cleat (with screws)
* Rubber bands
* Zip ties
* Spare spokes
* Tire Levers x2
* Perpetuem (3 days supply)
* Oatmeal

Baggy Shorts
ID (Passport/License/Credit Card/Money)

Garmin GPS with Spare Battery

Front Forks
Water Bottles with Perpetuem

Down Tube
Frame Pump

Seat Tube
Gorilla Tape 

Bike is Packed and Ready to Go

Since I'm not a big fan of Gas Station Food - Boxes of food re-supply to 5 post offices along the way

Thanks for reading and supporting Children's National. The show is about to begin!


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