Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Final Prep before Heading to Utah Mixed Epic

First, I want to thank everyone who has donated to support Kids on Bikes. Every bit makes a difference. I will be proudly wearing a “Kids on Bikes” jersey throughout the race. This will help motivate me when things get tough. A big reason I am doing this race, aside from the adventure, is to raise awareness and support for this great organization. I have very strong connection with their mission. I grew up in a family that could not afford a bike. I cobbled together an unsafe raggedy bike from bits and pieces I could find, and it became my gateway to freedom and whole other worlds. Without biking and running as a teenager, who knows where I would have ended up. The race is scheduled to start on Sep 4, one day before my 63
rd birthday; Sep 5. I hope to make that an epic day within an epic ride. We shall see. But what I really hope is that we can really up the ante on support for Kids on Bikes. Every bit makes a difference!


Some how I got all this plus on the bike! (Except Gemma the dog)

I did my final ride this morning, before heading to Salt Lake for the start of the Utah Mixed Epic on Friday. Bike is packed and ready to go. I feel good, but nervous. The course description sounds pretty brutal, but I feel I’m ready to take it on. There is ton of climbing right out the gate, so I hope I haven’t packed too much. Could be a lot of pushing? My biggest concern is lack of water over the long desert sections with no resupply sources. I’m set-up to carry up to eight liters (2 Gallons) of water if I need to. I think that should get me through those sections. Temps are looking to be in 100s at the lower altitudes, so I may do a lot of night riding. We shall see.

Packed and Ready

From the Cockpit


The Utah Mixed Epic TrackLeaders site is now up, from which you can follow the race.


Thanks for reading and thanks for your support to Kids on Bikes!



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