Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time for Rest

Roswitha took Max to the doggy doctor early this week and he was diagnosed with tendonitis. This is a result of running sidewalks and asphalt. It looks like the concrete jungle is just as bad for animals as humans when it comes to running. I also came down with some kind of virus that knocked me out a good part of the week. This is only the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve been sick in 17 years. It’s probably the result of running myself into the ground with the 4:30 am runs combined with working all day packed like sardines in a room with no windows. Max has been moping around the whole week looking totally depressed as we are following the doctor’s orders and not letting him run. Just short walks on the leash. By the end of the week he quit limping and the swelling in his leg has gone down. I think we both need a rest for a while. I’m forcing myself to take it easy but I would so much love to go on a nice long run or ride today.

Pikes Peak Peeking through the Clouds

Week's Log
Monday Nov29
AM: Recovery Run, Delominco/Rockrimmon Loop, 0.7 hrs, 4.4 miles, Strength Training
Easy recovery run in new fallen snow. First snow of the season. Nice to be the first foot prints. Standard Rockrimmon/Delmonico Loop. Saw a coyote on the Rockrimmon Trail.

Tuesday Nov30
AM: Trainer Ride, 0.5 hrs, 8 miles
Alarm didn’t go off this morning so I threw my bike on the trainer to get a short workout. I figure “a little of something is better than a lot of nothing”. Did about ½ hour easy spin on trainer with 5 * 30 second 1-leg pedalling at 90+ RPMs.
PM: Middle Distance Run, 1.8 hrs, 12.4 miles
Ran after work on Peterson. Very boring and got pretty cold once the sun went down. Not too many places to run so just ran a sidewalk by the east gate back and forth then over to the track for a mile or so.

Wednesday Dec01
AM: Track Workout, Eagle View Middle School, 1.5 hrs, 10 miles
Easy run to Eagleview track then 4 * 100 meter strideouts running the straights, jogging the turns. Then 4 * 400 with 200 recovery at 1:38, 1:40, 1:35, 140, then 2 * 1 mile with 400 recovery in 6:42, 6:42, then 4 * 400 with 200 recovery in 1:40, 1:44, 1:37, 1:34. Easy run home.
PM: Attempt to ride home from work
Started to ride home from work, but head was throbbing, had a sore throat and zero energy.

Thursday Dec02
Sick – did not run or ride

Friday Dec03
Still not feeling up to par. Took an additional day off

Saturday Dec04
AM: CRUD Run, Ponderous Posterior Preview Run, 2.5 hrs, 12 miles
Lots of steep rocky hard to run trails today. Very social run. Which was good, cause I'm still not feeling up to par. Was wiped out when I came home. I found this run amazing because we ran Lots of new trails (for me)that are practically in my back yard. I’ve been here 17 years and still finding incredible trails near home. Garden of the Gods, Queens Canyon, a trail off Rampart that that took us to the turnoff at Williams Canyon. Down Williams Canyon then up to the Southern Ridge to Cave of the Winds then back down into Williams Canyon to Manitou. Over 4,000 ft of climbing.

Sunday Dec05
I was totally wiped out after yesterday’s run. Went to bed at 8 last night and slept until 10 this morning. Still feeling weak. Just went out on a short walk with Max to get some fresh air. I sure would like to go out and do a nice long run or ride though.

Week Summary: Run 6.5 hrs, 36.8 miles. Bike 0.5 hrs 8 miles

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