Monday, April 30, 2012

Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile Run

Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you plan. My plan this week was to simulate the last week of LeadMan by racing a hard, long mountain bike race on Saturday, get a good tempo run on Sunday, then run the Collegiate  Peaks 50 miler on Saturday. I deviated from that plan a bit by continuing to train hard during the week, knowing that I would be tired on Saturday.
So on Friday, I started getting a sore throat at work that progressively got worse.  Saturday morning had worsened and spread to my chest. I was also congested and feeling a bit achy. If I had any sense I would have decided not to try and run 50 miles under these conditions. But sometimes I don’t have any sense.
And We're Off

At about three miles I knew that this was not going to be a good day and started debating with myself to quit. I don’t know why I didn't quit, ego, stupidity, the need to never quit? Probably a mix of all three, and I kept going. I run and ride because I love it. I was not feeling the love today, and continuing completely defeated the purpose of  why I run. I couldn’t come up with a single positive thought and began wondering why I run in the first place. I remember thinking I hate running and am so sick of suffering, why do I keep pushing, but I did.
Lots of Climbing
Pausing at an Aid Station for a Picture
The course is two 25 mile loops. Once you finish the first loop, you turn around and run the same loop in reverse. At the end of the first 25 mile loop you have the option of quitting and then scored in the 25 mile race instead. At about 17 miles I decided I would drop at 25. The last 7 miles was downhill and I was walking parts of it coughing up flem etc. At 25 I dropped. I’m trying to think of a race that I ever quit before and am coming up short.  So naturally I was disappointed, but I am more disappointed with myself for not having the sense to realize I shouldn’t have been running in the first place.  My reward for being so stubborn has been two days in bed with a fever, achy joints, very scratchy throat and chest, chills, coughing and a day of missed work.  You'd think after all these years and at my age I’d know better.

Finally the Finish Line

On the ligher side, my original intention was to drive out to Buena Vista, find a place in the  woods, camp, run the race, and come home. Roswitha decided she wanted to come but didn't want  to camp since it  was supposed to get down in the 20s.  So I compromised and rented a “rustic” cabin outside of town.
The cabin was a little "too" Rustic for Roswitha's taste

But it had a great view!


  1. Cabin looks okay to me! Tiny house! LOL.

  2. Sounds like we came down with the same crud at the same time almost. Get well soon!