Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Months to the Big Show

A couple weeks ago I was riding home from a long day on the mountain bike. Started out with one group until they went home, rode alone for a while then joined another group until they were ready to quit. As I was heading home a strong head wind picked up and it started to rain pretty hard. It was windy, cold, wet, with two big hills to climb before I got home, and with 6+ hours in the saddle, I was tired. It was then I realized I had a big grin from ear to ear and was thinking how much I love this stuff. I hadn’t been in this special place for a while and it was good to be back!  Don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t.

Nothing beats riding in Colorado!
The last couple weeks have been incredible. Great runs in the mountains with the mountain man of mountain men, Steve Bremner, incredible mountain bike rides with Kevin Cahn, and Tuesday night hammer fests with ProCyling. Everything is coming together.  I’ve spent the last year building a base and getting back to the point that I love long hard rides and runs again. With less than 90 days until the big show its time to get into the meat and potatoes of Leadman training. (Make that beans and potatoes since I’m a vegetarian).
Steve Bremner - Mountain Man
Running one of my favorite trails (photo by Steve Bremner)
So the plan now is to limit the super long stuff to the weekends with what I’m gonna call the LeadMan Sandwich. Friday and Monday are rest days and Saturday and Sunday consist of back to back hard days. A long hard hilly bike ride on Sat and a long hard hilly run on Sun.  I guess you could say that Friday and Monday are the bread and Saturday and Sunday are the the tomatoes, pickles, Guacamole, and a bean or vegie burger.  

Tuesday and Thursdays are shorter runs and rides but more intense, with Wed a semi rest day. This is the general plan over the next two months with the intensity picking up in the final month before the big show.
My Trusty Steed takes a break

Leadville’s gonna a be a party!

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