Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 31 - Winter is Here!

It looks like winter is finally here. Max and I started our run Saturday at -2 degrees Fahrenheit (-19 C). I thought we’d cut it short or at least after a short distance bring Max back. I was afraid he would get frostbite on his feet. He did fine and we ended up running 18+ miles finishing in a balmy +9 degrees F. 

Sub Zero Temps? No Problem!
I find animals amazing. For example a dog can go from a nice warm 65 degrees in the house, and without changing clothes, run outside like nothing is different. I don’t get it. They must have an amazing thermal regulator. When you think about it, the animals that live outside; deer, coyote, rabbits, mountain lions etc. can deal with all weather conditions without air conditioning, heating units, or extra clothes. In Colorado Springs we can have temps as high as the 100s in the summer and well below zero in the winter and they deal with it. What I really find fascinating how a dog can go from a warm house immediately to sub-zero temperatures and it doesn’t seem to faze him. I guess I'm easily fascinated...

Checking out the Frozen Monument Creek
Training is going well despite the cold; actually I’ve been enjoying it, at least running. I’ve sort of wimped out on the bike and spent some time on the trainer. With a four day weekend I didn’t have the need to ride to work on Thursday and Friday and I didn’t really want to deal with the ice and ton of clothing necessary to ride in cold weather. When it comes to icy and cold weather one can actually get a better workout on the trainer. I also discovered podcasts which really takes the boredom out riding one spot in the basement. I find particularly interesting Rich Roll’s podcast and highly recommend it. Rich is an amazing guy with an amazing story for which he wrote a book "Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World's Fittest Men, and Discovering Myselfthat I also highly recommend.

Wimping Out in the Basement
(but listening to some great pod-casts)
So this week’s training was more of the same, nothing sexy. And that is pretty much what training is, just consistent plugging away, getting the right combination of quality and quantity, and sticking with it. Even this far out from the Burning River 100 I’m super psyched and motivated. We should be getting the donation site up soon for the Children’s Hospital Cancer organization that Ben chose. Again I’m super psyched and I hope this really works out to help a lot of kids and their families going through a really rough time.

Even after 18 Miles the first thing Max does is chase the squirrels out of the yard then wants to play ball
This Week’s Training:

·         AM: Ride to Work (7.2 Miles)
·         PM: Ride to Gym from work (10.3 Miles), Gym Workout
·         AM: Run (8.2 Miles), Ride to Work (8.7 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home (8.8 Miles)
·         AM: Run (6.6 Miles), Ride to Work/Trainer Ride (27.3 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home (7.4 Miles)
·         AM: Run (10.7 Miles), Trainer Ride (36.4 Miles)
·         AM: Trainer Ride (20 Miles)
·         AM: Run (18.4 Miles)
·         PM: Gym Workout, Trainer Ride (22.4 Miles)
·         AM: run (10 Miles), Trainer Ride (38 Miles)

Total: 223 Miles (Bike 169, Run 54)

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