Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 32: Running with the Dogs!

Remember Primus? Primus is the dog my son, Jesse rescued from Afghanistan in 2011. When Jesse is out of town we get to keep him and he’s always a pleasure to have. Him and Max get along great and Primus loves to run… to a point. I think right now 8 – 10 miles is his limit, but with a longer stayd we could extend that. So this week and next week it is Running with the Dogs. Who knows maybe Primus will have his long wish granted on Saturday; Run with CRUD.
Running with Max and Primus
(Check out Primus's story by clicking his name above)

Training is going very well. The five day a week running format seems to be working fabulously. Believe me there are mornings when the alarm goes off at 4:00 am and its 15 degrees F. out that I contemplate staying in bed for another couple hours. But then I think of why I’m doing this and how no matter what, I have to cross that finish line with Ben running at my side in July. Staying in bed will not get me there, and I do not want to disappoint Ben, the kids we will be raising money for, or myself. So I get out of bed, and once running, everything is awesome. Like doing anything else in life, take that first step no matter how hard, and everything else falls into place.

Max Enjoying an 18 Mile Trail Run
Checking out the Ute Park Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

This Week’s Training:

·         AM: Ride to Work (8.7 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home (7.7 Miles)
·         AM: Run (10.5 Miles), Ride to Work (8.7 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home (8.8 Miles)
·         AM: Run (5.8 Miles), Ride to Work (8.7 Miles)
·         PM: Ride from Work to Gym (10.4 Miles), Strength Workout
·         AM: Run (10.5 Miles), Long Ride to Work (25.5 Miles)
·         PM: Ride Home (7.7 Miles)
·         AM: Ride to work (9.2 Miles)
·         PM: Longer Ride Home (22.6 Miles)
·         AM: Run (18.3 Miles)
·         AM: run (10.1 Miles)

Total: 173.5 Miles (Bike 117.5, Run 55.7)

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