Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mitigating Potential Problems

Just Enjoying Riding my Bike!
My foot is fully recovered and this was a very good week. The highlight, I guess, was getting finger surgery. In an effort to mitigate any potential problems during the Tour Divide, I elected to get some bone spurs cut out of my finger. The bone spurs were at the last joint of my right index finger, apparently caused by arthritis. They were cutting into the cavity containing synovial fluid, which is the fluid that lubricates the finger joints. This in turn was causing the fluid to leak out into the skin, creating a cyst. The cyst was becoming huge, and I was told, very susceptible to infection if ruptured.

Makes it tough to get a glove on
I guess I was pretty naive about surgical procedures and didn’t realize how big of a deal even minor surgery is. I rode my bike to the surgical center thinking I would go in, lay my hand down, get some local anesthesia, they cut everything out, and I would get my bike and ride home. Boy was I wrong. It  felt like I was going through major surgery. IVs, monitors, hospital gown, anesthesiologists, nurses, doctors, pushed around in a hospital bed, a full-fledged operating room, and general anesthesia. I was not allowed to ride my bike home, even though I felt like I could. They would not release me until Roswitha, my wife came and got me. So, when I got home, I did a little work, then went for a two-hour ride. It was just too nice of a day not to.

Problem Solved 
The finger issue didn’t disrupt training. I just used old gloves and cut a hole so the finger could fit through. The finger got a little cold, especially in the morning, but I dealt with it. All in all, a good week.

My next potential problem to mitigate is a wisdom tooth. Last dentist visit revealed that one of my wisdom teeth is starting to slant sideways causing a small pocket. This could cause infection and become abscessed, which I certainly don’t want to risk during the Tour Divide. Soooo it comes out in April.

Slowly but surely getting all my gear. Hopefully I’ll be doing some overnight rides soon.

Just another day in Colorado Springs
Before getting to this week's log I want to give a huge thanks to all the people that are supporting this effort and Children's National. The whole staff at ProCycling is bending over backwards to help sort through equipment options and making sure I have everything I need to be successful. SRM Power Meters, is providing a prototype power meter to get power stats during the ride, which is awesome. This will all so be an great durability test for the power meter as well. And of course my employer, Plus3 IT Systems for their support not only for the race but providing matching donations to our Children's National fund raiser. There are so many others that are helping with advice, training, time, and companionship. And then there is my wife Roswitha, who has to deal with all my time away training, and my obsession with this adventure. We did, however, get to do a 5k run together this week

St. Patrick's 5k Run with Roswitha
Training Log March 12 - 18

PM - Evening Commute: 40 min, 7.4 miles

        Core Strength Training: 1 hour
AM - 20 Minute Hike with Max the Dog
          Morning Commute: 40 min, 7.4 miles
PM - Evening Commute: 2 hrs 8 min, 23.6 miles
PM - Hill Repeats/Over/under LT/Max VO2 Intervals: 1 hr 33 min, 23 miles
AM - Ride to Surgery Center: 52 min, 10.5 miles
PM - Post surgery ride: 1 hr 56 min, 22.4 miles
AM - High Cadence drills on trainer: 1 hr, 21.7 miles
AM - Hike with Max the Dog: 1 hr 14 min, 4 miles
          St.Patricks Day 5K Run with Roswitha: 40 min, 3.1 miles
          Mountain Bike Ride with 3 x High Drive: 5 hrs 30 min, 41.8 miles, 5778 feet climbing
AM - Mountain Bike Ride: 6 hrs 44 min, 49 miles, 5531 feet climbing

Week Total: 23 hrs 7 min, 206.6 miles, 16,716 feet climbing

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