Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Set-backs can be a Good Thing

As I mentioned in the last post I had some serious pain in my foot that steadily grew worse. I took a day off, bought new shoes, and thought that was the end of it. The pain was minor during the weekend rides. However, Monday, after the wind battered monster ride Sunday, the bottom of my foot was swollen and painful to any downward pressure. A lump had formed on the ball of my foot just behind the big toe. I was devastated. If anything can put an end to this project, it’s an injury that won’t go away.

So, I made a decision. No riding, running, strength training, or exercise for at least five days. Each night I iced and soaked my foot, stayed off it as much as possible at work, and generally babied it all week. This was very tough for me. By Wednesday, I felt like the biggest slug on the planet. The interesting thing was even though I wasn’t exercising I felt tired all week. I was getting 1 – 2 hours more sleep than normal, but just didn’t have any get up and go. By Thursday, I was becoming slightly depressed, even though I could see the swelling recede a little more each day and feel the pain significantly lessen. By Friday, it was all I could do to stop myself from at least riding to and from work. I said 5 days, it took all the discipline I have to stick with it.

Finally, Saturday! Went out for test ride, nice and easy, flat, minimum pressure on the pedals. Felt good, although I intended on only riding an hour, I was so happy to be back on the bike, one hour turned into four. I felt so energetic and alive!

Back on the Bike an Loving It!

Sunday, longish ride, 6 ½ hours with my riding buds Kevin and Tom. The weather was fine, the company was spectacular, and as always in Colorado, the scenery breathtaking. Toward the end of the ride I was feeling some pain, so when I got home, iced my foot and took some Advil. Monday, foot was feeling fine without a trace of pain. Yes!
Larry & Tom Gold Camp Road

There is nothing better than a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich during a long scenic ride!

When I think back how tired I felt last week, and how much I slept, 8 – 9 hours vs my usual 6 - 7, I think this set-back was a good thing. I’ve been pushing pretty hard since November and I believe the foot was telling me I need to take a rest. When I didn’t listen, it forced me to. And judging how I feel this week, that rest was sorely needed and did wonders. I’m every bit as enthusiastic and energetic as the first week when I got the green light from my employer to do the Tour Divide Race. Set-backs can truly be a good thing!
Kevin just enjoying the day

Larry & Tom High above Colorado Springs

Thanks for reading and supporting the Children’s National, I am sincerely humbled and grateful for all the support we’ve received thus far. Thanks.

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