Friday, July 31, 2020

Making Progress

As I mentioned last week, after 11 days I finally got on the bike and felt good. That was Saturday, 11 days after three fractured vertebrae. Indoors, but on the bike. I can’t be thankful enough for Zwift. It really is a game changer when it comes to indoor training. 

My Virtual Pain Cave - Zwift

My goal is to be on the starting line of the Utan Mixed Epic, a self supported race through the mountains and deserts of Utah. On Sunday the 2nd ride since the crash, I was able to stretch the ride to three hours, but at an easy pace. Monday, was an easy recovery ride, and Tuesday 1.5 hours at endurance Intensity. 

Wednesday, exactly 2 weeks after the crash, I decided to push it a bit and hit the hills. I picked a very hilly route that ended with a climb up the equivalent of Alp d’Huez, called Alp d’Zwift. I expected my power to be down, with the 11 day lay off and the pain in my back, but I didn’t expect my Heart Rate to go through the roof. My average power on the climbs was in the zone 3 range while my heart rate was way up in zones 4 and 5. This is a bit disappointing since before the crash, I was setting the best times and power output in four years. However, I won’t dwell on that, because the fact that I can get on the bike and ride at all at this point, is something to be very grateful for. The key is to keep a positive attitude, stay focused on recovery, and work to be in the best shape I can be, given the circumstances.

Climbing Alp d'Zwift

Summiting Alp d'Zwift

Another key component to training for this race is testing equipment and sorting out what to take. This requires overnight rides to test lights, batteries, food choices, camping gear, bike packs, GPS, and myself. Although, most of my equipment was thoroughly tested during the Tour Divide, I now have a different bike and changes that need shaken out.  Optimally, I would spend several weekends, riding 12-18 hours, camping, then riding the same distance the next day. Obviously, this is not going to be an option as it will probably be a couple more weeks before I can even ride outside, and the start is just around the corner. But I’ll do what I can, and who knows, I seem to be healing quickly, so maybe I’ll get out there sooner than later. In the mean time, Zwift is my ticket!

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