Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Almost Full Throttle

Good Morning Colorado Springs

So far my healing and recovery has been nothing short of amazing. In the emergency room, the doctor said 4 - 6 weeks, and based on my age, probably closer to 6 weeks. This morning, exactly 3 weeks from the crash, I did a 4 hour ride with over 5,000 feet of climbing. I did this on the bike I will be riding the Utah Epic with partial packs to add weight while climbing. My back felt relatively good, with some muscle or tendon pain when I stood to pedal. Over the last week, I’ve been picking up the intensity and distance, and feel like I am well on the way to getting my fitness back. If things keep going as they are, I should be fit and ready on race day. One of my biggest concerns was not coming through for Kids on Bikes. I feel really strongly about KoB and what they do for kids. Of course there will be more challenges along the way, the race itself for example, but at least this is one challenge that is almost behind me.

These last few days have been incredibly positive. Saturday, I participated in a Zwift virtual 100 mile ride called the The BMTR Fundo (A). My training log notes from that ride: “Flat, fast, and hard! A total sweat fest. I think I flooded my basement! It seems my back is well on its way to healing. Didn't seem to be an issue today. 29th out of 400+, although not all 400 went the whole 100 miles. Bonked with about 18 miles to go and got dropped by the group I was with. Started cramping and feeling nauseous, which has never happened on an indoor ride. The next group was 20 min behind, so was able to hold them off despite really struggling to get to the finish.” Needless to say, I was super happy with that ride.

Early On - Big Group - About Mid Pack 

My Avatar Long Hair and an S-Works

Last Climb and less than 2 miles to the finish
One Tired Puppy 

Since my back didn't bother me Saturday on an intense indoor ride, thought I’d try outdoors on Sunday. Rode up Rampart, a dirt and rough in places road, but once it started getting rough, I could feel it. Turned around and came down really slow through the rough sections. I'm definitely not ready for that. So hit Santa Fe Trail to Palmer Lake, and aside from being wiped out from Saturday's ride, it went pretty well. 5.5 hours, 65 miles on mostly dirt. I'm super excited that I am recovering faster than expected. 

Rampart with Pikes Peak in the Distance

Quick Pit Stop at Ice Lake

Took Monday off and on Tuesday rode 1.5 hours on the indoor trainer at endurance pace. Felt really good, still a little rough getting on and off the bike, and I even contemplated riding my bike to work. However, in the end decided not to, I’m pretty sure my back is not ready to carry a heavy backpack.

This morning was incredible. As I mentioned at the beginning, rode for 4 hours. It was mostly dirt with a lot of climbing and I felt strong. I returned to the seen of the crime and saw no deer. I have to admit, I was very apprehensive about crashing during this ride. Even a small crash would be extremely painful. I contemplated riding on the trainer vs outdoors, but decided to chance it and glad I did. It was so nice to be back out on such a gorgeous morning.

Halfway up High Drive

Red Rocks Open Space

I’m super excited to be back on track and partnering with Kids on Bikes. I know with COVID19 there is a lot of uncertainty right now, and I’m betting that the families and kids that KoB serves are even more affected by the impact. I and everyone involved appreciates all and any contributions big or small. Thanks for everything.