Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looks like racing season is upon us. This weekend kicked off the Salida Marathon in which several Team CRUD members took part. The course had several ingredients to make it a classic; long steep hills, mud, snow & ice. Andy Henshaw, a young up and coming ultra running stud, who recently joined Team CRUD, has a great race description at Andy's_Blog. Roswitha ran Colorado Springs St. Patricks Day 5k yesterday also, so racing season at the DeWitt household has officially begun. Next week Jesse, Shannon, and I will take on the BATAAN Death March to kick off the season for the whole family.

Training this week went well. The weather was typical for Colorado Springs this time of year. One day in the 50s, the next snowing. This weekend a classic example. Saturday, beautiful sunny and in the 60s. Today, snowing all afternoon. Suppose to be back in the 60s by Wednesday. Next week will be an easy week, basically to recover from the previous four hard weeks and to be semi-fresh for BATAAN. Looking forward to hearing the stories and meeting the heroes who lived those stories.

This week’s Training:

Mon: Rest
Tues: AM: Run 1.8 hrs (5 * 1 mile tempo w/ ½ mile recovery) PM: Bike 1.5 hrs (Easy ride home)
Wed: AM: Bike 1.1 hrs (Easy ride to work)
Thurs: AM: Run 1.3 hrs (CRUD Hill Climb) PM: Bike 2 hrs (Ride Home w/ 48 min Tempo)
Fri: AM: Bike (Easy Ride to work)
SAT: AM: Run 2 hrs (CRUD) followed by Bike 3.1 hrs (MTB Ute & Palmer Parks)
SUN: AM: Run 1.2 hrs (Trail run & 1 mile barefoot on Eagle View Field) followed by Bike 1.9 hrs (MTB Ute Park)


  1. Good luck at Bataan! I've always wanted to do that one...

  2. Got it do it soon, there are only about a dozen survivors left. The roll call of survivors present was much smaller than the roll call of those no longer with us since last year.