Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Year is Off to Good Start!

The year is off to good start. As far as training, the year started Dec 28, so just wrapped up the second week. Continuing the pattern established over Nov & Dec to ensure I have a great base to work from once Spring rolls around. My routine for base building is pretty simple: Run & ride as much as possible!

Ha! Actually there is a little more structure which looks something like:

Mon: Strength Training (focus on core)
Tue: Get up 4:30 for 1 ½ - 1 ¾ hr run before work. PM: Ride home from work, if not too cold or icy, loop through Garden of the Gods, then climb Flying W or ride the trainer/rollers if can’t ride outside, or combination of both. 2 Hours.
Wed: Ride to work, 1+ Hour. PM: Hilly run, 1 hour
Thu: 1 ½ - 1 ¾ hr run before work, with speed session. PM: Same as Tue.
Fri: Ride to work, 1+ hr. Strength training
Sat: Long run (3-5 hrs) followed by easy 1 hr spin on bike
Sun: Long ride, MTB or Road 3 -6 hrs.

I’ve had a rather unnerving companion fairly consistently on the way to work over the last few weeks; A coyote about the size of a large German shepherd, that appears to have no fear of humans. Several times now he has come out on the path within inches as I ride by. Sometimes he trots along behind until I stop and yell at him to go away. I usually see his eyes reflecting in my headlamp on the side of the trail just before he comes up. It’s a little eerie, haven’t seen him for a couple days though.

Started the year right with a fun technical MTB ride in Palmer Park on New Year’s Day as well as the following Sunday. That whole weekend was a great way to kick off the year.

New Years MTB Ride
This weekend was somewhat of a compromise. As with most Saturdays, I went on a terrific long run with CRUD, but during the run I slipped on ice and landed on my wrist. The same wrist I broke in October. I completed the run and even an hour bike ride after the run, but then it started swelling. I planned on a 100+ mile road ride today, but my wrist and hand were too sore and swollen to ride. OK, change in plan, easy run & trainer ride. The run went well but the bike/trainer ride was very painful. I tried ignoring the pain, but after 3 hours it was extending up my arm, and I was focusing more on the pain then the workout, so I threw in the towel at 3 hours (55 miles). I’m icing it along with Advil, so hopefully it heals fast. No biggie, these things happen. I can still run, and I’m sure I’ll be back on the bike in no time!

Training Log
Mon, 12/28/09: CORE Strength & weights
Tue, 12/29/09: AM – 1.6 hr run. PM – Ride home plus trainer w/sprints, 2.2 hrs
Wed, 12/30/09: AM – slow ride to work (very icy) 1.2 hr. PM – Hill run up the Chutes & Gold Camp, 1 hr
Thu, 12/31/09: AM – 1.6 hr run with sprints. Bright moon off the snow seemed like running in daylight! PM – Lunch time road ride with my boss, 2 hrs
Fri, 1/1/10: MTB Ride Palmer Park. Big group, technical and fun! 3.2 hrs
Sat, 1/2/10: CRUD run, Urban trails, 2.7 hrs, followed by 1 hr easy bike ride
Sun, 1/3/10: Long MTB ride. Rode an hr in Ute then over to Palmer to join Sharon, Ethan, Dana, James, & Dan for more fun, 4.6 hrs
Week Total: 7hrs Run, 14 hrs Bike

Mon, 1/4/10: CORE Strength & weights
Tue, 1/5/10: AM – 1.6 hr run. PM – Long ride home to include GoG & Flying W, 2.1 hrs
Wed, 1/6/10: AM – Ride to work, 1.2 hr. PM – Hill run up the Chutes & Gold Camp, 1 hr
Thu, 1/7/10: AM – 1.8 hr run with sprints. Temp 2 below. PM – Trainer workout, hills, 2.1 hrs
Fri, 1/8/10: AM – 1 hr Trainer/Rollers
Sat, 1/9/10: 3 hr CRUD run, followed by 1.1 hr trainer ride (hurt my wrist)
Sun, 1/10/10: AM – 1.1 hr run followed by 3 hr trainer ride.
Week Total: 8.2 hrs Run, 10.5 hrs Bike

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