Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bears are Still Out & About

It’s been a very abnormal warm fall this year and we may have reached record temperatures this week. The fall foliage is hanging around much longer than I can remember and I’ve seen evidence that the bears haven’t went into hibernation yet. Most of bear evidence that Max and I saw were ram sacked trash cans in the morning and fresh scat on the trail. Yesterday morning we went by a couple destroyed trash cans and Max started barking and having a fit, which made believe that Mr. or Ms. Bear was still in the area. He did the same thing when we were running Tuesday morning. There were fresh wet bear tracks coming out of the creek and across the trail. Max came to an immediate stop, nose to the ground and starting barking at the bushes alongside the trail. My guess is that Mr. or Ms. Bear was very close. I thought the bears were normally hibernating by now and maybe the warm weather is keeping them up longer. My friend Grant told me they usually don’t go into hibernation until after Halloween. I guess that makes sense, a couple trick or treaters and their candy bags and a bear is set for the winter.
Max the Bear Hunter

My conversion back over to running for the winter is going well, although it is tough to stay off the bike. The weather has been great and as of last week I’m unemployed so I have weather and time to do both. I’ve been mulling over focusing on running through the winter with the intent of a sub 3 hour marathon in the spring. Getting back into running after a long time off is always hard. Right now I just don’t feel smooth or efficient and a sub 3 seems quite a stretch. But I know with time, patience, and persistence it will come. The hardest part is patience. So my plan is to build a base through the end of January. Right now I’m at about 30 miles a week, and will build to 60 by end of January with some tempo runs. Feb – mid April speed work then run a marathon in May. Haven’t picked one yet, but I owe a friend in La Cross, WS a visit and their just happens to be a marathon there on May 1st… I see a plan starting to formulate.
Today's Ride
 Kevin & Grant Downtown Colorado Springs
 Leaving My House after  dropping of Clothes
 Larry & Grant
 Kevin Blowing Snot
Nice Fall Colors
So I will call this the first week of training for a potential May Marathon:

Mon: AM - Easy 30 min run (3.2 miles) followed by strength training
Tues: AM - 1 hr run (7 miles) PM – 1.8 hr Road Ride (23 miles)
Wed: AM – Easy 30 min run (3.2 miles) followed by strength training. PM – Technical MTB Ride 2.8 hrs (26 miles)
Thurs: AM – 1 Hr run w/6 * 15 sec stride outs (7 miles)
Fri: AM – Strength Training. PM – Technical MTB Ride 1.5 hrs (12 miles)
Sat: AM – 2 Hr trail run (13 miles)
Sun: AM – 5.6 Hr road bike (84 miles) 5,680 ft of climbing.

Week Total: Run 4.9 hrs, 33 miles. Bike 11.7 hrs 145 miles

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