Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jones Park & Week Summary

The weather this fall is been extraordinary. Normally we’ve had a couple snowstorms by now, but it has been dry, in the 70s & even 80s throughout September and October. With winter bound to hit, we decided to get one last ride in the high country today.  So Dan (the single speed stud of studs), Nick (Ultra rider extreme), Bruce (ProCycling owner),  Kevin (up and coming ultra rider), and I rode one of my local favorites, Jones Park.  It’s a 20+ mile single track descent from 10,000 feet elevation back into town. Getting there is a long gradual climb up Gold Camp Road, a dirt road closed to car & truck traffic. The climb is worth it though, cause the descent is epic. Today, I was running late so violated one of my principles and I DROVE to the trailhead. I’ve come up with a million excuses to justify it, like “I was running late” & “it’s off season”. But I still feel guilty, even after riding an extra hour or so with Kevin when everyone left. So today was another great epic ride, which capped off another great week.



Dan the STUD

 Nick Lettin it all hang out

Bruce Rippin it!

 View from the Cockpit

 Dan Nice  and  Smooth

Bruce Focused and Flying!

So this week as planned I stepped up the running a bit and did a bit less riding. The morning runs have been stunning and I’m actually starting to feel like a runner again. All my runs up until Saturday felt fairly smooth. Unlike the first few weeks, in which I felt like a lethargic plodder. Running is starting to feel good again, and my IT band problem seems to be history.
Week Summary
Mon: AM: Easy 30 min run (3.2 miles) followed by strength training
Tues: AM: 1.2 hr run (9 miles) with some tempo and 8 * 15 sec strideouts. PM: Technical MTB Ride 1.5 hours (11 miles)
Wed: AM: Easy 30 min run (3.2 miles)followed by strength training. PM: Hilly 2 hour road ride (31 miles)
Thurs: AM: 1.4 hr run (10.4 miles)
Fri: AM: Easy 0.8 hr run (5.2 miles) followed by strength training
Sat: AM: Hilly 2.3 hr run (15 miles)
Sun: AM: Jones Park MTB ride (4.4 hrs, 4500 ft climbing, 31 miles)
Week Total: Run 6.7 hrs(46 miles) Bike 7.9 hrs (73 miles)

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