Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trying to capture the Change of Seasons

One of the most wonderful things about running, riding, or just being outdoors is experiencing the sights and smells of the changing seasons. Just makes you glad to be alive. Throughout the week, on my morning runs, I’ve been amazed at the fall colors. All week I  forgot to bring my camera to capture these amazing sights. This morning I made a point to bring it but unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t cooperate. It was overcast off and on with a little rain for the first time in like two months. So I kind of wimped out and instead of running trails in the mountains stayed close to the neighborhood. It still turned out to be a great run and the pictures weren't bad either.
These guys were in the front yard just as we started our run

Max the Poser

The Neighborhood

Headin for the Hills

Caught this  guy eating breakfast

He didn't like getting his picture taken

Max Posing Again

Garden of the Gods
The West side of Town
Heading back home was a bit less cloudy
First Snow on the Peak

The colors of Fall


  1. Thanks Richard. By the way I've been reading your blog. Colorado can use some good teachers!

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