Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Summer Summary

It’s been a long time, last May since my last entry. So I’ve decided to kick this thing back up and see where it goes. Wow what a summer! It took pretty much all summer for my IT band to heal so I concentrated on biking. Other than a ton of epic long rides I guess a summary of the summer would be race results:
    Breckenridge 100
  • DawnTilDusk 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race: 1st Masters 50+
  • 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Mountain Bike Race: 3rd Masters 50+
  • Raced 3 of the 4 Sand Creek Series races, finishing 1st in 2 of them and not finishing the third due to a mechanical.
  • Bicycle Tour of Colorado: A great week riding the roads of Colorado. Averaged about 80 miles a day, got together with and old friend and made new friends along the way. Perfect weather (except the for the wind) and just a wonderful week.
  • Breckenridge 100: 1st Master 50+. Man what an epic race. This is one of the coolest and toughest 100 mile mountain bike races in the country. After racing the Leadville Trail 100 13 times, I can honestly say the Breckenridge 100 makes Leadville seem like a beginner’s race. An incredible race with incredible trails.
  • The Falcon 100: 4th Masters 40+
  • 24 Hours of Colorado Springs: 2nd Overall Solo. A great way to finish out the season. This was an incredibly fun race and very well organized for a first year event. I pushed a little bit too hard and didn’t hydrate enough though. I was taken away in an ambulance after the race was over and got to re-hydrate with 4 liters of IVs!
So the season is over, fall is upon us and the days are getting cooler and shorter. My IT band is healed now so I’m starting to concentrate on running. No concrete plans right now but I’m thinking of doing a spring marathon with the intent of breaking 3 hours. It will be nice to start running with CRUD again. I’m looking forward to the winter and the early morning runs in fresh snow, but right now I’m really enjoying the fall colors. Hope you had an incredible summer.

 The 3 Amigos Monarch Crest

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